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Thy Will Be Done


1hr 30mins • 2012

Diana Buckner (Angel Jackson) is a highly intelligent, but mean and spoiled, daddy's girl who considers anyone that's not wealthy les than human. She would even rather see her own father, Arthoniuos Buckner (Bengie Anderson) dead, than to spend one minute in poverty. Unbeknown to her, he added clauses in his will that required her to live without money, resources or assistance for 5 days, find and befriend her illegitimate sister, Samantha Cooper (Danielle McGowan) and returned together to claim their inheritance. She survives the task and finds her sister in the last place she expected to look and probably would have gotten away with murder if it had not been for detective Angela Bryson (Harmony Jonez) to put on her diabolical plot! This action-suspense drama will keep you on the edge of your seat and the ending will leave you breathless!


Director: Jb Brown

Producer: JbStar Productions

Writer: Jb Brown

Cast: Jb Brown, Danielle Guevarez, Antrone Hughes, Angel Jackson, Brad James

Additional Info

Genre: Action,Murder, Mystery, Drama   Release Date: 00/11/2017    Languages: English     Captions: English.      Audio Format:

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