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To Love The Soul of a Woman


1h 57min 15sec • 2017

An abusive woman who will stop nothing to get her way, Monee Kinyard (Zeeky Minnis) emasculates, humilities and physically abuses her ex-military fiance, Ernest, (Jb Brown) who does all he can to appease her. She torments his friends, terrorizes her own kids and plots his terrific death, but as fate would have it she faces the biggest revelation of her life when Ernest's best friend, Thomas unleashes a rest of his own theory of Monee.


Director: Jb Brown

Producer: JbStar Productions

Writer: Jb Brown

Cast: Jb Brown, Zeeky Minnis, Lainie Smith, Benjamin Anderson, Kevin Rowe, Rodney Perry, Angie Stone, Tina Holder, Cedric Fulton, Dave Tolliver, JoAnna Lorene, Christian Luke, Perry Zulu Jr.