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JbStar Productions

Ultimate Alibi


1h 38m • 2018


When sixteen-year-old, Dr. Jerry Brooks (Messiah Hales) created the, "CARD" 

Cancer Advanced Reconstruction Device, his honorable intentions were to rid the

world of cancer, however an ex-military intelligence hacker broke into Jerry's files and enhanced the program so it causes a complete metamorphosis. Now, he can

change himself into anyone he wants. He targets high-profile celebrities by hacking into their accounts and withdrawing checks for several million dollars. He makes the checks out to unsuspecting victims, and murders each victim wow posing as each celebrity, then cashed the check. His diabolical plan would have worked except for one thing, Jerry!

Director: Jb Brown

Producer: JbStar Productions

Writer: Jb Brown

Cast: Jb Brown, Sean Maurice Williams, Messiah Hales, Reggie Freeman